Thursday, July 14, 2011

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I am by no means a crafty person.. BUT I've always wanted to be. I come from a crafty family.. my mom and grandmother both sew, and my grandmother and great-aunt make their own cards (by hand.. long before Provocraft came out with Cricut. They make them 3D, stamp, emboss, add texture.. it is quite honestly pretty amazing. I, however, truly believe in working smarter, not harder.. and one day wish to own a Cricut Imagine.. so that I, too, may jump on the crafty bandwagon.. but for now.. we're baby-stepping it. :)

My sister is having a baby in August. That's right! I get to be an aunt for the second time to a beautiful baby niece named Summer. (Hopefully we stick to that name.. because I absolutely love it.) She is actually due on my birthday, which for a Leo is.. well.. let's face it.. NOT ok. But I can be an adult and share the spotlight with the cutie, if it happens to all go as planned.

I'm in charge of the baby shower and I want everyone to be able to leave with a little parting gift, and since most of guests are teachers, I figured I'd start small with these:


My Version
I apologize the for the quality of the picture...
I took it with my phone and then tried to fix it in iPhoto

So there you have it folks.. my first.non-school-related.craft.ever.  I think they are super cute.. I have 15 of those puppies.. and only 15 more to go.  (I need to go to Hobby Lobby for more ribbon first though.)

Head on over to Life Isn't Always Frogs & Cupcakes to join in the party!
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